Education in the UK

Education is the key to get a great job and live a better life. It is compulsory until you are eight-teen years old as a new law has been passed, it used to be sixteen. At the start of education, it is a lot easier than the later years. As the education level increases so do you as you progress through the school; Year one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. Then should you decide to continue your education path you have Year twelve and thirteen. If you have good A-level results then you can go to University where you can study individual subjects.


The First Years of education

When you first start school, you will learn the basics; English (phonics and shapes of letters), Math(adding and subtraction), Science and then just developing you enough to start higher level of learning. These years are from Years one until three. When you start Junior school, they will start introducing a harder level of work, for example, reading comprehensions, or times tables will get harder.

Education in Secondary Schools

Then when you are due to move up to secondary school you will undergo a test in Year six called the SAT’s, this will determine your level and eventually help the higher school to gauge what groups to put you in. Whether it is a higher level/ability or lower level/ability groups the work set will be reasonable. The first year of secondary can be just as stressful as or more stressful than the last, as you are finding your friend group and you will most likely be in a bigger building. Not to mention the amount of homework you will receive and have multiple due dates. Also you will be expected to complete the assigned homework to the correct standard. At one time you can have eight pieces of homework that require you will need to complete when the teacher says.


School Policies on Behaviour

School can be enjoyable when you behave, as you will get frequent rewards for behaving. However, misbehaving can lead to lost hours of vital subjects due to “isolation” this is when they put you in a room and you just sit there. This is very boring and it is supposed to make you behave. Most schools if not all have a zero-tolerance for bullying, although it still happens and it can have devastating effects on education especially if you are being bullied in the first year or two of secondary as this will lead to a miserable time at your school. I have been bullied before for my weight and it made me not want to go into school and I hated every day. Even after it ends you are left with the mental scars and you feel self-conscious.

My Last Year in Education

My last year in compulsory education was extremely stressful but then again so was everyone’s; you are expected to cope with everything and seem like you are happy but in reality you are taking exams that dictate where your life goes. If you handle stress easily then you will be fine but if you are like me then you will find it hard as I struggle with stress.